Cusco Community Projects

Cusco Community projects for us is to help people at different items like education, health and help to conserve the traditions and their culture. “Deep House Cusco Tour Operator” is located in Cusco over 3,400 meters above sea level. The owner is Peruvian guide (Cesar and Edith) who understands the real problems and needs that are present in our country; especially in the highlands. Our porters mainly come from the highlands of Cusco. We are very interested in helping the development of our brothers that live in the same country.

“Deep House Cusco” tour operator is committed to organizing projects within the Andean communities in Cusco-Peru. We know that tourism activity is very important in our country and especially in Cusco. It contributes to Peru’s economy and provides employment for many people. Unfortunately, their communities aren’t sharing in any of the financial gains. Since the initiation of our activities in tourism as a tour operator specializing in adventure, we try to understand how hard is the life of the communities. Starting Christmas 2014, we wanted to do something for the children of our

Andean brothers. We travelled to Tinki – Pacchanta – Ausangate and had a Christmas party giving gifts to the children. We had a party with hot chocolate and pannetone and we shared a special day. We were glad to see the happy faces of the children. After this time, we promised to do this activity every year in different communities. We can say that we were the first ones doing this kind of activities without any financial interest.