Walking Grade

Moderate To Challenging Combining moderate grade walks with some more strenuous hikes. This grade is ideal if you are fit and want to challenge yourself with a few longer, more demanding trekking days, possibly on difficult terrain or at higher altitudes.


  • Suitable for most people in good health, easy walks are predominantly on good paths, at low altitude and on undemanding terrain. You can expect to be walking for 3 – 5 hours a day (including rest stops) with plenty of non-walking time in the itinerary. Previous walking experience Is no necessary.


  • Moderate graded walks are normally on good paths And tracks at low altitude (generally below 2,900m) And are suitable for fit and active people. You can expect to be walking 3-7 hours a day (including rest stops). Some Walks may include some fairly demanding ascents and descents, so previous experience is preferable but not Essential.


  • Trekking days are generally long (6-7 hours), with some Long, steep ascents and descents and sometimes at high Altitude (over 4,700m) or on more difficult terrain. You need to have a good level of fitness and some extra training before your trip may be required; Previous trekking experience Is recommended.


  • Trekking days are long (sometimes 8 hours or more) and tough, with difficult terrain often including time at high altitude (over 5,000m). you should expect some demanding ascents and descents .you will need to be Physically very fit and confident, experienced trekker.